Clinical Research

We do more than metagenomics

From Bench to Bedside and Back Again.

Diversigen has unparalled experienced in clinical microbiome study design and execution, and can partner in studies related to human and animal health and disease.

  • As part of our packaged service, we offer consulting on patient stratification for drug development during and following clinical trials.
  • We provide non-biased recommendations on sample collection, timing, methodology, and any other endpoints relevant to the trial.
  • Our comparative analysis abilities enable us to examine multiple disease states that may not initially be linked to the microbiome.
  • We have experience in both natural and drug-driven therapeutics, with a focus on new development and enhancement of currently available therapies.
  • We can help with diagnostic tools improvement and adaptation to the continually changing environment and maintain their informatics standards.


“We are excited to offer our full array of microbiome and metagenomic capabilities during Seres Health’s upcoming Phase III clinical trial and other Seres Health projects. Seres Health has helped us demonstrate our expertise in quickly generating data from large numbers of samples and subsequently transmitting results to customers in a secure and efficient manner. We are eager to continue expanding these offerings and many others to the markets we serve.”

Joseph F. Petrosino, PhD
Diversigen Founder and Chief Science Officer


Diversigen provides data for research and detection purposes only and is not a substitute for diagnostic or actionable telemetry in humans.  Information provided with implications for human health requires a clinical and FDA approved validation.