Health and Disease

Health and Disease

Diversigen. Your comprehensive microbiome resource.

From biobanking to molecular analysis and bioinformatics, we help translate your studies from microbiome characterization to hypothesis-driven research.

Diversigen has unparalleled experience in clinical microbiome study design and execution, and can partner in studies addressing any component of human health and disease.

We are prepared to help with early stage work to aid in the understanding of disease mechanism and etiology. We are also versed in helping with later stage research where the microbiome is clearly relevant (e.g. Crohn’s, IBS, C. dificile infection).


Building on the Work of The Human Microbiome Project.

Diversigen builds on the work of the ongoing Human Microbiome Project (HMP), the publicly funded effort to characterize microbial communities that inhabit various sites of the human body. This enormous body of work has deepened our understanding of the composition of the human microbiome at numerous body sites and how it can fluctuate in a relatively short span of time.

The HMP reference database containing genomes of commensal microbes has improved our understanding of how the microbiome can be perturbed in certain disease states.


Diversigen provides data for research and detection purposes only and is not a substitute for diagnostic or actionable telemetry in humans.  Information provided with implications for human health requires a clinical and FDA approved validation.