Oil and Gas

We do more than metagenomics

Improve Oil and Gas Productivity. Lower your risk.

Whether your focus is on horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing technologies, oil recovery, reducing pipeline corrosion, or discovery of new deep-water oil reservoirs, Diversigen’s expertise, research, and consulting services can help you increase revenue, decrease costs, with less impact on the environment.

Increase Revenue and Decrease Costs

  • Identify indigenous and/or synthetic microbes that reduce viscosity of heavy oil and increase rock formation porosity.
  • Reduce microbial influenced pipeline corrosion through better detection and prediction methods, and determine optimal dosage and timing for pipeline treatments.
  • Enhance discovery of new deep-water oil reservoirs by tracking the distribution of formerly indigenous reservoir bacteria.

Environmental Benefits

  • Develop site-specific remediation strategies based on greater understanding of local microorganisms.
  • Biofuel development can benefit from the identification of the microbes and genes that code for cellulose-busting enzymes that break apart biomass into soluble sugars that can be fermented to produce ethanol.


Diversigen provides data for research and detection purposes only and is not a substitute for diagnostic or actionable telemetry in humans.  Information provided with implications for human health requires a clinical and FDA approved validation.