Diversigen. Your comprehensive microbiome resource.

Diversigen provides solutions for sequencing, analysis, and consulting services geared toward the study of the microbiome of living organisms and environments.

By working closely with key manufacturers and applying laboratory best practices, Diversigen has developed state-of-the-art techniques to extract high quality nucleic acids from a variety of sample types for subsequent metagenomic analysis.

Our flexible sequencing and computing capacity, combined with ongoing improvement of analytic tools and their applications, allow us to customize unique strategies on a per-project basis

Diversigen takes pride in one-on-one consultation with the customer until complete satisfaction is achieved. The services we offer cover the full spectrum from organism detection, to analysis, modification, and consultation.

Building on the work of The Human Microbiome Project.

Diversigen builds on the work of the ongoing Human Microbiome Project (HMP), the publicly funded effort to characterize microbial communities that inhabit various sites of the human body. This enormous body of work has deepened our understanding of the composition of the human microbiome at numerous body sites and how it can fluctuate in a relatively short span of time.

The HMP reference database containing genomes of commensal microbes has improved our understanding of how the microbiome can be perturbed in certain disease states.

As a primary HMP investigator, the project enabled Dr. Petrosino, Diversigen Founder and Chief Science Officer, to advance the pipelines and technologies for sample collection, extraction, sequencing, and analysis, which are now being implemented for over 200 other projects. These include the ability to analyze samples of very low biomass, such as those found on the eye, in blood, and on surfaces such as those in homes, hospitals, and public transportation.