Microbiome Research using Next Generation Sequencing

Professor Joseph F Petrosino, Chief Scientific Officer at Metanome and Director of the Alkek Center for Metagenomics and Microbiome Research at Baylor College of Medicine, discusses how the Human Microbiome Project aims to characterize the human microbiome and analyze its role in human health and disease.

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What’s in a Kiss?

A passionate kiss that lasts more than 10 seconds transfers about 80 million bacteria, researchers say. The evidence, published in the journal Microbiome, comes from 21 couples, ages 17 to 45 who made out for science.

Listen to Remco Kort, a microbiologist at the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research in Amsterdam and lead author of the study as he speaks with NPR’s Rob Stein in this recent interview.

“It is provocative to think that we can perhaps donate beneficial microbes by an ‘oral microbiome transplant,’ ” says Joseph Petrosino, Ph.D., Metanome Founder and Chief Scientific Officer and microbiologist at the Baylor College of Medicine.


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