Mission and Vision Statement

At Diversigen, we are applying metagenomics to benefit human health and improve environmental conditions and industrial processes worldwide.  We are capitalizing on the company’s unique breadth and depth of expertise, reputation and proprietary methods in the exploding field of metagenomics to deliver commercial grade services in this arena. From upstream study design to downstream analysis, we cater to our customers’ needs, including guaranteed turnaround times and more sensitive levels of QA/QC, as required, regardless of target or sample type.

Our Strengths

  • Sensitivity of detection: We have developed methodologies that enable low abundance detection of microorganisms even in low biomass samples such as eye secretions to large biomass samples such as sewage.
  • Specificity: We are able to determine community relationships based on the relative abundance of prokaryotes, eukaryotes including fungi, archaea and viruses from any environmental sample.
  • Analysis: Our bioinformatics team has developed analysis techniques, tools and data bases that go beyond those that are publicly available and which enable deeper mining of the generated data.
  • Customer Service: We pride ourselves in maintaining a customer relationship that is second to none in the metagenomic arena.  We work together with our clients to ensure that targeted questions are appropriately addressed and that results are delivered in a format that is presentation-ready for whatever the next stage of the process may be.  We are a one-stop resource for experimental design, execution and analysis and are not satisfied until you are satisfied.
  • Network: In addition to 16S and metagenomic sequencing pipelines, we are also able to produce high-quality bacterial transcriptome data and fungal and viral metagenomic data that can be correlated to each other and to other metadata that may be available for any particular sample.
  • Credibility: Many of our research collaborations have culminated in publications in peer reviewed journals lending further credibility to our results oriented approach.  Our analyses have contributed to over 40 peer-reviewed publications over the last 3.5 years.