Comprehensive. Microbiome. Service.

  • Customized study design.
  • Processing difficult sample types.
  • Massive reference database.
  • Flexible sequencing; Platform agnostic.
  • High level bioinformatics.
  • Custom analysis; Purpose-ready reporting.

Diversigen. Your single source.

Health and Disease

Your Metagenomics Collaborator

Diversigen has unparalleled experience in clinical microbiome study design and execution. We can partner in studies to help you improve current and develop future diagnostics and therapeutics.


Ensuring Stability of Food Production Pipelines

We can identify potential microbial impact on crops and livestock, helping you accelerate development of improved agricultural practices.

Oil and Gas

New Opportunities for Oil and Gas Production,
Enhancement and Risk Mitigation

We use metagenomics to detect microbes enabling you to enhance oil recovery, produce biofuels more effeciently, and reduce pipeline corrosion.

Welcome to Diversigen

Accelerate and transform discovery research and capitalize on the diverse opportunities of the microbiome with Diversigen.  

With years of experience, flexible sequencing, and bioinformatic capacity, we address unique customer needs, like designing custom sampling techniques, handling low biomass or dirty samples, employing sensitive levels of QA/QC or crafting unique study design.

Diversigen has extensive experience with highly diverse microbiome sample types and provides full project life cycle consulting services, building on research conducted at Baylor College of Medicine  in the Alkek Center for Metagenomics and Microbiome Research .

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Featured News & Research

Cleveland Clinic announces the Top 10 Medical Innovations of 2017

The Microbiome tops the list announced at a multi-media presentation that climaxed the 2016 Medical Innovation Summit.

Topping the 11th annual list is the harnessing of the microbiome, the gut bacteria swarming in all of us. Recent discoveries have revealed the power of microbes to prevent, diagnose and treat disease. The healthcare industry will soon be pouring resources into addressing the potential for new therapies, diagnostics, probiotics and other products. Read More

How to Use Microbiome Signatures as Biomarkers

This paper provides an introduction to microbiome-based biomarkers and the application of biomarkers enabling targeted therapies, the role biomarkers play in reimbursement decisions for new therapies, an example process for biomarker identification/validation and more. Get Paper