Agriculture and Crops

Regulating Plant Performance.

  • Employing metagenomics to characterize soil microbial communities enables regulation of plant performance through improved bioavailability of nutrients, secretion of bioactive compounds for pest control, and hormones to stimulate plant growth.
  • Understanding the plant microbiome illuminates solutions to modify plant genetics, function, and ecology for survival in unique habitats or environmental conditions. Such solutions help meet growing food demands, minimize land and biodiversity loss, and mitigate the impacts of climate change.

Crop Protection

  • Application of metagenomic services can contribute to improved disease detection in crops and livestock, and the adaptation of enhanced farming practices. This can improve crop health by harnessing the relationship between microbes and plants.
  • Metagenomics can be applied to the development of next generation fungicides and pesticides as well as improving the efficiency of organic agriculture.


Diversigen provides data for research and detection purposes only and is not a substitute for diagnostic or actionable telemetry in humans.  Information provided with implications for human health requires a clinical and FDA approved validation.